Organic shampoo - 240ml

For the first months, the gel will be perfect for hair, even for babies that do not have a lot. Once the hair grows, the shampoo will be even more efficient. The composition of the skin is quite different from the one of the hairs. If we want the best effectiveness, we need to make some distinctions. In addition, there is no economy to make by buying a 2 in 1 formula, the total quantity used will be the same.


This ultra-smooth Douce Mousse shampoo formula has been created for baby’s fine and delicate hair, but also for his or her skin. The skin of babies, thinner than an adult’s, is more vulnerable to chemicals. A lot of baby shampoos use irritable chemical solvents. It is important to choose a gentle cleansing product that respects the vulnerability of your baby’s skin.

Our Douce Mousse shampoo is formulated with ultra-smooth plant-based and organic certified ingredients (independent and reputable organization). These certified ingredients ensure the highest level of quality, and respect of natural and organic standards. Quinoa protein*, aloe*, calendula*, chamomile and mandarin extracts are all part of our baby shampoo. * ORGANIC ingredients verified by QUÉBEC VRAI.

LQuinoa protein/strong>: Cultivated over the past 5000 years, quinoa was quite appreciated by Incas. Rich in antioxidants and essential amino acids and without gluten, this protein is fortifying and protects the hair.

Aloe: : Aloe has a lot of interesting properties for the skin: cellular regeneration, skin hydration, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. This plant has many vitamins, notably A, B and E; all having beneficial effects on the skin and hair. Aloe also has a strong emollient effect, leaving the skin softer.

Calendula: Also known as marigold flower, this flower has emollient, calming and soothing properties. Moreover, calendula is well-known for having anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and restorative qualities.

Chamomile: Active substances in chamomile aids in the regeneration of the skin; it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and scar-healing properties as well.
Mandarin: Mandarin is recognized to be very good for small children. Its unquestionable finesse and its rich content in brome have soothing, calming, antiseptic, draining and a stimulating action on the lymphatic system.

WE ARE NOT USING: Sulfate( Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Lauryl Sulfate…), Cocamide (DEA, MEA), Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Parfume or synthetics fragrances, PEG, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM Hydantoin, EDTA…