Pillow for children - Obuckwheat hulls


Obuckwheat hulls for babies and children.

Because we want the best for your children and ours, Maovic pillows are made of organic buckwheat hulls, which means they don't have to spend 8 hours a day lying on pesticides.

Maovic pillows are:

- Anti-dust mites
- Ergonomics
- Small in size (10" x 16"), they are designed to be dragged everywhere.

- Equipped with a cover that fits in the washer and dryer
- Features two zippers: one for the cover and one to allow you to wash or adjust the amount of hulls as you wish. They also serve to protect your pillow from possible damage that children might do if there were not two zippers. Our pillows often become the favorite of your minis!

Hulls and not foam?

Buckwheat hulls have many advantages. They are not only chemical-free, but also anti-mite, ergonomic because we can adjust the amount according to our child's needs and they emit a pleasant soothing smell, which promotes relaxation. In addition, the shape of the hulls helps to regulate the temperature, which provides additional comfort for the child.

Why organic shells?

We chose organic shells for the only reason that they were not sprayed with chemicals. Knowing that your children will spend several hours with their faces snuggled against their pillows, the option of organic hulls seemed obvious to us.

Around what age?

The pillows are suitable for children from 18-24 months to about 5-6 years old, depending on their needs. Since every child is different, your best indicator is the little one who will own it. If you are wondering if he/she would need it, observe how he/she lies down. If he/she puts a blanket or a doggie under his/her head when sleeping, it would be a good time to introduce a pillow into his/her bed to promote a beautiful night and optimal comfort.

The size of the pillow?

Our pillows are 10 inches by 16 inches, but you shouldn't stop at its small size. Although we may find it small, it is perfectly adapted to the needs of children. We did several tests and it was THE size that caught the most attention of the toddlers around us. The wonderful thing about the pillow is that it quickly becomes one of our children's inseparable. They then want to drag it around and, often, they become less reluctant to go to bed and make a little dodo glued and glued with their new attractive pillow.

Other utilities?

Many of you buy a Maovic child pillow for your needs and comfort because it offers a pleasant lumbar support when you are at the computer, on the road or simply in front of the television. It is also the perfect pillow to carry around when travelling and on the plane because its small size is optimal for transport without compromising comfort.

For the little ones who are backflowering, the Maovic pillow becomes a must. Simply slide it under the head and upper body to provide your child with a beautiful stable tilt and reduce reflux, which is often a major source of discomfort.

The fabrics?

Each fabric has been carefully chosen to follow the trends and tastes of our mini-clients ... and their parents! All pillows have two sides, one in patterned cotton and one in plain poly cotton in a matching colour.