Musical hanger - Moon nougat


Just pull the string and the moon will sing a lullaby. Some music could calm your baby down. The moon has a drawstring with a wooden ring and at the top there is a string to hang the music hanger in such a way that your baby can see and hear the moon but cannot grab it. The song 'you are my sunshine' lasts about 60 seconds at a time; long enough to get your baby to sleep. If you repeat it every day, it becomes a sleeping ritual and therefore a signal to go to sleep.

Tip: play the music regularly near your pregnant belly and you will see that it is familiar and soothing for your little one when it is just born. This musical mobile is thus an awesome baby shower gift. It is also a great maternity gift. Over the moon Are you all over the moon about this moon? Quickly collect more moons around the house. This great moon shape can also be found in toys for the baby gym, supplemented with stars. And the moon is also available as a pacifier cloth and rattle.


The musical mobile is available in Pale pink, nougat or Ash green


20 cm


The musical mobile is made of teddy polyester and the filling is made of 100% polyester fibre fill.


You cannot wash this moon music box.