Bamboo baby carrier - Macaron


For a truly special experience with your baby, our wrap carrier is just the thing! The exceptional quality

of our soft, stretchy fabric is the ultimate in comfort. Your baby will be happy and snug close to you, while your hands remain free. This carrier has proven to be very effective in reducing infant crying during the day, as well as decreasing the risk of maternal post-partum depression. It is also convenient for breast-feeding while wearing the wrap carrier.

Suitable for newborns and babies up to 25 lb. However we advise consulting your doctor before using our carrier if your baby is premature or weighs less than 8 lb.

Length: 4.2 meters

One size

Can be tied in back or front.

Composition: 66% bamboo – 28% cotton – 6% spandex / Washer and dryer at low temperature.