Teddy bear bib - Pack of 2


These bibs are amazing. They're kind of like aprons, protecting the clothes of your baby or toddler.

And why is there a double layer of fabric at the bottom? There's a good reason for it! While eating, your child will often let some food drop down their chin and onto the bib. The lower edge of the bib will catch these blobs and chunks. So it's kind of like a leak tray! Something you will definitely appreciate!

The fluids and blobs on the front side of the bib will not leak to the clothes. That's because this bib is made of waterproof material.

You can close the waterproof bib with velcro at the back. It will close properly, so that your baby won't be able to take it off by themselves. The bib can be cleaned with a moist cloth. It has a Teddy Bear print.


Can be used for babies, until your child is about 2 years old.


Made of polyester and polyutherane.


Wipe down with a moist cloth.